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The Future

Fear not! It's not all over, even though the association will be disbanded.

  • ConTune

Club Metropolis chairman Jonas Mansoor (DJ Istabmyhead/Mr Man) and board member Ellisiv Berg (DJ Fork Surgery) have gotten together with some friends to form a music, art and culture association called ConTune.
ConTune is a collective of artists, musicians and DJs. Our focus is still live music, but the premise is fundamentally different. We strive towards bringing sound and visual art together in unprecedented ways, and are not bound by any genres or styles. ConTune works across all scenes and subcultures.

It is therefore very likely that a few of our events every year will have some relation to noise and industrial music and culture.


  • BrainCorp

Since breaking with Club Metropolis, Brian Sørensen / DJ Brain has been running a mail order and promotion company called BrainCorp. He often does synth and EBM/industrial events with Club Stahlwerk.
Even though they've also become affected by the direction the scene is taking, there are still excellent chances for you to get your stomp on.


  • Faust

Allan Brehm Clausen, formerly in Club Metropolis through various positions, and now in goth club The Black Cat, has also done a lot of work for the venue Faust.
Catering to the goth, indie, folk and industrial crowds, Faust's interior is both neat, cozy and atmospheric and totally worth checking out if you're looking for something to do on a Saturday night.




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